2 Small Boys + One Average Yard Sale = One Large Donation

Bennett and Andrew are Boy Scouts who came up with an idea all on their own. They knew that their scout troop collects food for area pantries in the fall, prior to Thanksgiving.

When their neighborhood decided to have a yard sale, they asked if they could donate the proceeds to our food pantry, which shares the building where their troop meets. They convinced their mom and neighbors to participate, and they also took care of organizing and passing the word to shoppers that the proceeds were going to a good cause.

But that wasn’t enough for these boys–they also wanted to shop for the groceries. So, for this time at least, they were the ones leading the way through the grocery store isles, carefully choosing the things they thought families might need. And I must say, they did a great job. Such variety! And the bags kept coming in the door . . . . What these boys did will fill in the gaps in what we have to offer and will help us make it through until the year-end donations start to fill our shelves again. They gave their mom and neighbors a reason to be proud and our volunteers here a huge boost of moral! The Lifewerks Giving Garden food pantry shouts out a huge thank you to Bennett and Andrew!


It’s Time to Give the Man a Break

Chuck has been working hard at making Lifewerks what it is since it’s inception in 1996. In that time, we’ve mentored hundreds of students, offered classes, camps, seminars and concerts, fed thousands and even shoveled dirt.

Today we gratefully have the help of seven PSC Bonner students from Widener University to help us, but they will tell you that even they aren’t enough to do all that we do currently, and certainly not enough to reach our dreams to do more. However, this will be our best year ever for growth in our offerings, and we are making plans to expand even more in the coming years.

Next week Chuck meets with his surgeon and we will know shortly when he will be having surgery. The average recovery time for this surgery is six weeks. His prognosis is good, and he’s passed all the tests with flying colors.

We ask for your prayers for his surgery, and those who care for him (including his poor wife – he’s an average guy when it comes to being sick.) And for his recovery. He’s going to need to rest and he’s not good at that. People who run nonprofits don’t get sick days. So pray that his financial needs are met, as well.

Meanwhile, let’s all band together to get the job done while he’s out, and even move things forward. Helping his vision expand will be the best gift you can give him.

The Post-August Slump is Here ~ It’s time to stock the shelves!

Every year at this time our shelves (especially soups, cereals, and children’s snacks and juices) are down to only a few items per shelf. Our freezers are full, but those very things that keep kids nourished during and after school are in short supply. Once Thanksgiving and Christmas are near, we’ll be struggling to find a place to put it all. But for now, as you can see, the soup shelving unit is almost bare.

Please consider donating now, while the need is greatest. Your contribution can make a world of difference to a hungry kid!

Student Planners help Feed College Students

Just published this fall, the Student Planner series was designed to raise funds for the Campus Food Drop initiative. Our goal is to strengthen our food drop, work on a reproducible plan, and make what we’ve learned available to campuses world-wide. A percentage of the sales of every book will help fund this effort. Click on the image to go directly to the Amazon page. Please share with your friends!

Summer Recap

M-FUGE Invasion!

(Like so many summers, the work is all done and so many photo ops have slipped by.  But I caught our helpers taking advantage of our favorite fringe benefit of volunteer work at Lifewerks – the rope swing!)

We had four teams of teens and adult counselors comprised of 20+ people each who came and served a half day once a week. That took us through the month of July when our interns and volunteers are either in summer school in intense study or off for the summer. These kids all worked hard and willingly and made an enormous difference. When our regulars returned in August they felt like they could start fresh, rather than playing catch-up. That puts us at a huge advantage. So, a big Thank You to Mfuge! You guys are the best!  ~ Joy

Volunteers from Widener University came to help with cleaning up our garden beds.

We welcome help from any individual or group!

Boy Scout troop Pack 145 contributed a huge amount of food for our food pantry on the same day. Thank you so very much!

A Summer of Garden Camps is now behind us . . . and what fun it was!

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These are just a few of the things we did this summer. I can honestly say that our camps were a success, and a wonderful testing “ground” for our garden camp curriculum that we will be publishing shortly. If your church or nonprofit is inspired to try out this timely concept of teaching the next generation to grow and eat fresh food and understand how amazing God’s creation really is, stay tuned for an announcement of the availability of the curriculum. Also in the works is a book about doing a church or nonprofit food pantry and garden.


2013 Garden Season Begins with a Dig!

There’s nothing like a mission team to get things started in a big way.

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A big THANK YOU shoutout to Rivatrace Baptist Church for volunteering their Friday and Saturday this past weekend to help us clean up and prepare the beds for the 2013 planting season. What do you get when you combine middle schoolers and shovels? Energy!