Kids Garden Camps Coming Soon

Check out the info on the Garden Camps page under the Giving Garden and Pantry tab. For kids in grades K-5. Cool activities all tied in to gardening, actual planting and harvesting, crafts, lessons and more.


Fall 2012

As you can see, we had a very productive summer, especially when it comes to tomatoes! Our beds were filled and amended with the best soil imaginable thanks to the knowledge of our neighbor (lovingly called Farmer John,) and the tomatoes would have grown to six feet if we had not continually cut them back. We were able to provide fresh produce all summer long to the recipients of our food pantry.

Our garden gate was installed by a visiting mission team from Ohio. As soon as we have funds, we fervently hope to get perimeter fencing installed to keep out the neighborhood pets–a real necessity when it comes to providing healthy and uncontaminated vegetables.

We have plans to build a small tool shed so that volunteer gardeners have handy access to garden tools, and our rainwater system is still in the hoped-for stage. If anyone out there in internet land has the information on where to get the parts we need to make our barrels usable, please contact us.

The Giving Garden/Home Depot build is a success!

  Check out the full story on the Giving Garden page at Woo-hoo! Thank you volunteers and Home Depot team!

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Coming soon, Gardening tips and experiences! You may even want to follow the progress of our worm farm.

Home Depot is Coming!

Home Depot is coming! Thursday, May 17th, volunteers from several Home Depot stores will be coming to build raised beds and fill them, set posts in concrete so we can hang our donated wrought iron gates, and several other smaller projects.

This raised bed is our first “seed” donation. When our neighbor heard that we planned to make a vegetable garden to compliment our food pantry, he built and planted this bed as a surprise! It’s beautiful and exactly what we need to make gardening effective and easy on the backs of the volunteers who come to help us.

We have plans for an incredible garden that will not only provide needed produce, but a place of respite and connection for those who come to serve and those who come for our services. We have room for seven more raised beds and a seating area where people can rest and connect. An overhead trellis will provide shade. A pair of beautiful antique iron gates were donated for a formal entry. With a surrounding fence, a small tool shed, water hook-up and an electric line, the entire project will cost about $5,000.

Won’t you consider helping us by volunteering or with a donation of cash or the things needed to build our garden? We have a complete project breakdown including the smallest hinge. Please contact us if you would like a copy of our project breakdown, or have something you think we may be able to use.

You may click on these links to donate or volunteer.

Home Depot Update

Materials for our raised bed garden build have been delayed. The new date for our build is May 17th. Antique gates with new hinges have been picked up and will be wire-brushed and ready to hang. Donated heirloom tomatoes, peppers and eggplants have been set aside and are waiting to be put to bed. Two boxes of seeds are ready to plant. Volunteers have volunteered! More are always welcome!

This Thursday volunteers from several Home Depot stores will be coming to build raised beds and fill them and set posts in concrete so we can hang our donated wrought iron gates, and several other smaller projects.

Giving Garden News

We are in discussion with a major home center chain regarding an employee volunteer day this spring when they will come to help us build out our Giving Garden. If we are able to do as much as we hope, we’ll be in need of volunteer gardeners for this season to help us with all the planting, weeding and harvesting. We’ll be growing vegetables, flowers and bedding plants to enrich the lives of our food pantry clients.

Our new cottage

We have a new cottage for visiting interns, mission teams and writers and artists looking for a place of retreat. It’s on the grounds of  the Brandywine Summit Camp Meeting, a lovely Victorian Christian campground, just twenty minutes from our headquarters. It will be available for use from April 15-October 15 of each year. We’re excited to have this inexpensive option for our volunteers as the result of a donation from one of our patrons.